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Complete Eye Care Services, in Northern Kentucky

Dr Shewmaker Eye ExamExpert, professional eye exams, advanced treatments, outstanding eyewear, accurate and detailed diagnoses of vision conditions and eye disease… you name it! No matter what you need for healthy eyes and vision, we provide it in our offices in Dry Ridge and Fort Mitchell. Our team of qualified, friendly eye doctors is dedicated to giving personalized eye care to individuals of all ages, whether you are a new or returning patient. Call to schedule an appointment today!

We’ll Satisfy All Your Eye & Vision Care Needs

Our offices are outfitted with the latest technology and optometric tools, so that you benefit from highly accurate prescriptions and diagnoses. Routine check-ups and vision screening are just a small part of what we offer. In addition to comprehensive eye exams, we treat a long list of ocular conditions, including computer vision, dry eyes, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. We also co-manage LASIK and other refractive laser procedures. From simple to complex visual requirements, our eye doctors are experienced and knowledgeable in serving you with progressive and contemporary eye care.

Eyes are delicate, and eye injuries and infections are relatively common. If you suffer from an eye emergency, we’re here to help alleviate your symptoms and prevent complications or vision loss. Contact our eye doctors in Fort Mitchell and Dry Ridge for assistance.

More info on eye care services offered in Northern Kentucky:

  • Regular eye evaluations are advised for everyone, regardless of age or condition. Our eye doctors will check visual acuity and inspect the health of your eyes. Using various diagnostic technology and procedures, we’ll examine for any signs of abnormality. Each patient is treated as a unique individual, and our eye exams are designed with attention to any personal health issues.
  • Education and eyesight are strongly connected, so it is critical to uncover any pediatric vision problems as early as possible. Help your child learn well by scheduling routine pediatric eye exams. With a gentle manner, our experienced optometrists will perform expert eye evaluations on kids.
  • Staying up-to-date with treatment for your ocular disease is important for promoting healthy, lasting vision and eyes. If you have macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma or any other eye condition, we’ll help treat your eyes.
  • All of our offices, in Fort Mitchell and Dry Ridge, Kentucky, are equipped with progressive technology and the latest diagnostic tools. Medicine advances quickly and we are committed to staying current, so you always receive the best care.
  • If your eyes are pink, sore or red and you suspect eye injury or infection, our eye doctors will provide expert treatment. We’re qualified to assist with foreign object removal; consult with our office first – before rushing to the emergency room or to your primary physician.
  • An inadequate amount of tears or poor composition of your tears can lead to Dry Eye Syndrome. A common and irritating condition, which often makes it impossible to wear contacts, we’ll assess your eyes to offer the most effective treatment for your personal symptoms.
  • Latisse will allow you to transform your eyelashes, making them long and lush for a dramatic appearance!
  • Our optometrists will diagnose astigmatism during your eye exam, and we’ll decide the most suitable vision correction for your requirements. Surgery may be recommended as a alternative option, depending upon your personal condition.
  • As people age, presbyopia is a common vision condition that emerges. This refers to the inability to read fine print clearly without moving it farther away from your eyes. If you’re experiencing the annoying symptoms of presbyopia, we’ll assess your vision and prescribe the best lenses to help you read in comfort again.
  • Most school education is conveyed with the aid of visual tools. Therefore, a child who has an undetected vision condition will be at a disadvantage in the classroom. If an eye exam diagnoses a vision problem in your child, we offer professional vision therapy and customized treatment.
  • If you play sports as a recreational hobby or profession, you’ll need specialized eyewear to protect your delicate eye tissues and help upgrade your game. We have a wide selection of sports eyeglasses and specialty lenses in our offices in Fort Mitchell and Dry Ridge, including many custom tints and features.
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