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Kenton County Eye Care Center

Welcome to our Fort Mitchell full-service optometry practice and optical. Our office serves the eye care needs of patients from Fort Wright, Park Hills, Kenton Vale, Lakeside Park, Covington and Northern Kentucky. Our optometrists provide comprehensive eye exams and medical eye care at the highest level. We pride our extensive experience serving patients from Kenton County and Northern Kentucky.

Our experienced optometrists offer the following services.

Comprehensive eye exams:
assessing not only changes in your prescription but also assessing the overall health of your eyes and detecting eye diseases. During the eye exam, your optometrist will provide answers to your questions and the time to understand all aspects of your eye health and eye comfort.

Contact Lens Exams, using the latest technology, provide a sure fit, our extensive experience and wide selection of contact lenses for all types of patients makes our practice the best bet for a contact lens exam.

Eye exams for children:

Our Staff loves to work with children, and you can rest assured that your child will get a comprehensive exam in a fun and relaxed environment.

Emergency Eye Care

If you have an eye emergency such as pink eye or eye infection, a scratched eye,  or something stuck in your eye give us a call to schedule an emergency eye exam.

Dry Eyes Treatment:

Dry, gritty, watery eyes affects millions of Americans, your optometrist has solutions to get your eye feeling happy and healthy.

Management of Eye Diseases:

At vision one EyeCare Center we have the latest technology and years of experience in providing care for eye diseases such as diabetes, macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. If you need eye surgery, you can rest assured that our optometrists will help you find the right surgeon and understand the full picture.

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